Romantic artists

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Romantic Artists

Which masterpiece is The ColossusPrado, Mexico. In Germany Romantic painting took on symbolic and allegorical overtones, as in the works of P.O.



Caspar David Friedrich, the greatest German Romantic artist, painted eerily silent and stark landscapes that can induce in the beholder a sense of mystery and religious awe. Great artists closely associated with Romanticism include Caspar David Friedrich, John Constable, J.M.W.

Turner and William Blake.

In the North America, the leading Romantic movement was the Hudson River School of dramatic landscape painting. The romantic tunes cover all seven decades of the Hot 's history, ranging from 's "To Know Him Is to Love Him" by the Teddy Bears to. On the contrary: Romantic artists retained the academic traditions of their art, indeed their painterly qualities still represent a highpoint of Western art.

The preferred genre among Romanticists was landscape painting.


Along with plumbing emotional and behavioral extremes, Romantic artists expanded the repertoire of subject matter, rejecting the didacticism of Neoclassical history painting in favor of imaginary and exotic subjects.

In England, Germany, and the United States, the leading Romantic artists focused primarily on landscape, as seen in the works of the British artist John Constable, the German Caspar David Friedrich, and the American Thomas Cole, but always with the concern of the individual's relation to nature.

Romantic artists
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