Revised schedule

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Metra releases final revised BNSF schedule

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The revised Schedule VI requires that if compliance with the requirements of the Act and/ or accounting standards requires a change in the treatment or disclosure in the financial statements, the requirements of the Act and/ or accounting standards will prevail over the Schedule VI.

The proposed NSDF - an engineered containment mound to be constructed at CNL's Chalk River laboratories - is intended to provide safe disposal of low-level radioactive wastes including legacy wastes from 65 years of operations at the Ontario site, waste from the remediation of contaminated lands, and debris from Chalk River infrastructure decommissioning activities.

Metra today released a final new BNSF Line schedule, which had to be revised because of the demands of the new Positive Train Control (PTC) safety system. The CBEC has notified the Revised Duty Drawback Rates Schedule for applicable w.e.f.

1 respect of specified exports and subject to compliance with the procedural requirements notified from time to time. SCHEDULE H (Form ) Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Hospitals Complete if the organization answered “Yes” on FormPart IV, question A.

Effective Dates.

Revised Schedule - Impacted Schedule

This revised Schedule takes effect July 1,applies to every action, case, proceeding or service described in this Schedule and pending, filed, requested or performed on or after that date.

B. Rescission of Prior Schedules.

Revised schedule
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