Postedfile saveas overwrite a file

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Use the VBA SaveAs Method in Excel 2007

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How Can I Save a Single Excel Worksheet to a CSV File?

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Save a Raster* object to a new file. Save a RasterLayer or RasterBrick to a new file; for example a file of another format (format). You can also use this function to save a RasterStack to a single (muti-band) file. May 07,  · i edited little bits for our purposes but it's basically the same.

user selects a folder with jpegs, a dest folder, and the script places the jpegs on my template and saves them with the original filename. however, occasionally the user will need to do this several times into the same dest folder, and won't necessarily know what jpegs they've already done.

so they've ended up overwriting files. The way I get round this is to store the user and the user file name in a DB, and store the file itself as a Guid filename: or similar.

I then store the Guid in the DB so that I can cross-reference the file name the user wants to the "actual" file name in the file system. Mar 22,  · In this case, the default operation just happens to be, “Go ahead and overwrite any existing file.” After we have Excel up and running it takes just two lines of code to save worksheet data to a CSV file. & filename) but i will like to have a check such that when the user uploads a file to the temp directory. if there is already a file with the same name in the directory, prompt the user whether the user wants to overwrite the unavocenorthernalabama.coms: 7.

Dec 23,  ·"C:\\temp_" + unavocenorthernalabama.comme); //Save temporary to some other location then if user selects to overwrite .

Postedfile saveas overwrite a file
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