Meth project

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Rolling meth lab

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Montana Meth Project

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The Meth Project was founded in by the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation, in response to the growing Meth epidemic in the Meth Project is a large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing Meth use through public service messaging, public policy, and community outreach.

Methamphetamine (contracted from N-methylamphetamine) is a potent central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that is mainly used as a recreational drug and less commonly as a second-line treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity.

Methamphetamine was discovered in and exists as two enantiomers: levo-methamphetamine and dextro-methamphetamine. Meth Project, New York, New York. 61, likes · 73 talking about this. is a prevention program aimed at reducing Meth use through /5(43).

Jul 26,  · This instructable assumes you will be soundproofing over an outside garage wall with exposed studs and insulation. Both are critical for the success of this project. If your wall is already drywalled, you'll need to remove it. The Montana Meth Project is a unique and large-scale undertaking that aims to prevent teens from using meth for the first time.4/5(3).

A rolling meth lab is a transportable laboratory that is used to illegally produce methamphetamine. Rolling meth labs are often moved to a secluded location where the strong, toxic fumes of methamphetamine manufacture cannot be detected and where the toxic manufacturing byproducts can be discarded.

They are sometimes designed to manufacture the drug while the lab is traveling.

Meth project
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