Edinburgh assay office marks

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UK Hallmarks

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Silver Makers' Marks - Edinburgh Assay Office

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The two AB marks shown here are the sponsor's mark of Arthur Baume. Managing Director of Baume & Co., London. The first style of mark with cameo letters in curly script within an oval surround was registered at the London Assay Office on 18 November Sheffield Assay Office specialise in the hallmarking of Gold, Silver and Platinum.

We also perform Laser Marking of the above materials, as well as custom requests. We can also perform any Analytical Services which you require. The UK Compulsory Hallmark comprises of only three of these component marks: Sponsor's mark, Millesimal fineness mark and Assay Office mark.

The date letter and the traditional fineness marks are no longer compulsory components of the hallmark. It also contains details of all those who registered a maker’s mark with the Edinburgh Assay Office in the twentieth and twenty-first century but have since let their registration lapse.

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Edinburgh assay office marks
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