Cssrewrite assetic symfony2 event

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Assetic: Filters, Combination and Minification

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Symfony2 - Images In CSS with Assetic

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How to Use Assetic for Asset Management

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For sneak, Assetic has a less filter that makes your less files into CSS before attempting them. Read more in the assetic config dad. The actual rendered tag might also look like:. I am using Assetic and Twig in a web application. I am not using the symfony2 framework. The project structure looks like this app styles images www css images I have this markup using the As.

@@ ,6 +,32 @@ the:ref:`cssrewrite cssrewrite>` filter. that there is a known issue that causes the ``cssrewrite`` filter to fail when using the ``@AcmeFooBundle`` syntax for CSS Stylesheets. Reason #1 to use Assetic was because of its filters, like cssrewrite.

It also has filters to minify assets. Your best option is to use a binary called uglifycss through Assetic.

Applying a Minification Filter

There’s also an uglify-js. If I can write a plugin/extension/event listener/etc which allows fine Stack Overflow Can't get assetic to cssrewrite prod images properly.

7. CDN for a RESTful API? 1. Symfony2 asset changes. 4. Symfony2 on Heroku (official buildpack) - how to dump assets? 1. Symfony2 assetic javascript Files have different names in markup vs. on disk. The cssrewrite Filter¶.

Assetic exists for 2 reasons, and the first is to apply filters to your CSS and JS. For example, Assetic has a less filter that processes your less files into CSS before returning them.

If you look back at the stylesheets tag, you can see that we do have one filter called cssrewrite. Open up the generated unavocenorthernalabama.com file in your browser and the original unavocenorthernalabama.com in.

BraincraftedBootstrapBundle integrates Bootstrap into Symfony2 by providing templates, Twig extensions, services and commands.

Applying a Minification Filter

- braincrafted/bootstrap-bundle.

Cssrewrite assetic symfony2 event
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