Calculators history

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The History Of The Calculator

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^ Collectors Guide to Pocket Calculators. by Guy Ball and Bruce Flamm,ISBN – includes an extensive history of early pocket calculators and highlights over 1, different models from the early s. Book still in print. Determining who invented the calculator and when the first calculator was created is not as easy as it seems.

Even in pre-historic times, bones and other objects were used to calculate arithmetic functions. History of Mechanical Calculators Vintage Calculators Web Museum – Shows the development from mechanical calculators to pocket electronic calculators The Museum of HP calculators (slide rules/mech.

section). Sep 19,  · The first solid state electronic calculator was created in the s, building on the extensive history of tools such as the abacus, developed around BC, and the. The Curta calculator, which first appeared inwas perhaps the ultimate expression of the mechanical calculator, so compact that it could, somewhat lumpily, fit into a pocket and capable of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Calculators had already become important business tools, well before the handheld calculator. And in the s, with a fair amount of debate about their effect on learning, calculators slowly began to .

Calculators history
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